Start-up Corner

At the SMIT Congress , we provide a platform for med tech startups to showcase their innovation and network with key opinion leaders and decision makers. 

AMT Medical

AMT Medical has developed a proprietary medical device for minimal invasive cardiac bypass surgery, more specifically for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CBAG) procedures. Our ELANA Heart Bypass System enables cardiac surgeons to create a distal anastomosis without the need of any sutures. The device has a predictable, standardized outcome, and is easy to use by any surgeon. We have successfully completed all our pre-clinical trials and are starting our First-In-Man trial beginning 2020. Want to know more, feel free to drop by our booth!

Aesthetic Care

aesthetiCare was set up to develop the „coolPen“, an innovative medical device for dermatology. 

Our cryo-derm-abrasion procedure combines the advantages of current standard procedures for the removal of skin layers: cryotherapy and dermabrasion.

coolPen is a true innovation. It offers clinically efficient and painless treatment as well as cost-efficient, simple and safe handling.
coolPen serves different market segments with high potential in medicine and beauty:
– Actinic keratoses (precursor of white skin cancer).
– Removal of scars, warts, age spots, …
– Removal of tattoos without leaving residues of colour in the lymph nodes

The team consists of globally experienced and successful MedTech entrepreneurs, developers and dermatologists/scientists. Our current focus is on successful product development including Certification and clinical studies. 

In a later stage, the global team experience helps with the successful development of the individual markets.

OVGU INKA – EasyJector Team

The INKA team is an application driven research group focussing on clinical need based innovation. We try to make things easier and more valuable for medical users. With the EasyJector we are preparing a start up providing smart solutions for contrast enhanced medical imaging.


INTECH designs, manufactures and distributes surgical education devices in collaboration with scientific societies and in accordance with their specific requirements. Our simulators use “phygital” technologies, meaning synthetic hyper-realistic tissues matched AI-guided, autonomous teaching and assessment tools, still mantaining the stylish italian design. Thanks to our already established collaborations, our mission is facilitating the global widespread of standardized, high-quality surgical training, to finally improve patients’ safety.

Kaminari Medical

Kaminari Medical will revolutionize coronary revascularization by combining ultrasound and optical imaging.

Insufficient treatment of vulnerable plaque in the coronary arteries lead to costly and health-impairing re-catherizations. Combining ultrasound with photoacoustic imaging allows for the visualization of both the structure and the content of vulnerable plaques in the coronary arteries. Treatment of coronary stenosis consequently becomes safer, better and more predictable.  Using Kaminari’s catheter can reduce the amount of recatherizations by 50%, leading to potential savings of > € 1 billion worldwide.

Kumovis GmbH

Kumovis is a company that develops 3D-printing systems specialized for the production of medical products. We have the vision that with our technology it is possible to shape the future of how we manufacture medical products, like patient individualized implants.

Reactive Robotics GmbH

Reactive Robotics develops and builds a robotic assistance system for intensive care units. Our VEMO® system supports therapy and nursing staff in providing very early mobilization to critically ill patients, thus reducing the patient‘s recovery time by up to 20%, while at the same time lowering the physical stress on the staff. This therapy will be done in the patient’s bed, which means that the dangerous transfer to a separate device will no longer be necessary.

Realvision 3D

The Realvision 3D technology was developed to represent as faithful as possible human vision. Given the absence of any kind of filter and through its unique technology, the Realvision 3D provides a real visual experience without alterations of visual function.


Scinvivo is a med-tech start up, fully focused on improving bladder cancer diagnostics. In order to achieve this, Scinvivo is developing an imaging catheter that works with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). With this high-tech catheter, the urologist obtains additional visual information using photonics, that helps him/her in making a better diagnosis. This solution will decrease the patient burden and also decrease the health care costs associated with bladder cancer care.

Tegus Medical

Tegus is a technology company developed with physicians from the University Hospital of Hamburg, UKE, which is a low latency streaming platform specifically designed to enable remote medical training and proctoring. Tegus allows a physician to perform a procedure with the assistance of a more experienced Dr “Proctor” or company support representative without needing this support person to be in the same operating suite during the procedure. The Tegus system enables a very fast, simple, secure and stable interaction between the tele-mentor (proctor) and the physician performing the intervention anytime, anywhere!! Imagine a world where patient safety is not limited to location.


Heart Failure is morbid chronic disease that makes the very basic activities of a human being such as slightest physical effort seem impossible.
All Heart Failure medications cause severe side effects that make the disease even more challenging for the patient.
The cardiologists and scientists at Zencorlabs have developed a digital therapy on top of available Heart Failure drugs that mitigate
the harmful side effects while maximizing the efficacy of the drug thus significantly reducing Heart Failure readmission rate.