Science Slam

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This year we are introducing a Science Slam plenary session in the SMIT conference. During the Science Slam you have five minutes to share your current or former research project with the audience. Comedy, poetry or live experiments — anything is possible. You must however stay in your allotted 5 minutes time, we will cut you off!

All selected participants will be commended for their contribution. The top three best presenters will receive prizes of 300 EUR, 200 EUR and 100 EUR.

How to apply
You are eligible to apply if you are attending SMIT 2019 in Heilbronn.
Submit an abstract (max. 350 words) or short video (max. 2 minutes) about your Science Slam idea to From your submission it should be clear what the topic and format of your talk are. Keep in mind that the topic should be related to SMIT relevant research, and that the best Science Slams entertain as well as educate the conference audience.
You are explicitly encouraged to perform a science slam relating to a “normal” abstract you submitted to SMIT. Preference may be given to students and early career researchers, but everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal! You can present as a team of up  to  three people.

The deadline is 8th of August 2019 (one week after the “normal” abstract deadline). 
Participants will receive notifications of acceptance early September.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at