The 31st conference of the international Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (iSMIT) will be held at the Congress Centre Harmonie, located in the centre of Heilbronn, Germany from Thursday October 10th to Friday October 11th 2019.

Topics for iSMIT2019 include:

  • New Technologies for Surgery, Endoscopy, and Endourology
  • Robotics for Surgery, Endoscopy, and Endourology
  • Present and future of urogenital cancer
  • Advances in robot-assisted pelvic surgery
  • Focal therapy for cancer: Fusiion technology for diagnosis and therapy
  • Artificial Intelligence technology & surgery
  • Actuators and mechanisms for novel medical tools
  • Novel design of medical devices
  • I have an idea! From concept to clinical validation
  • Organ repair & tissue engineering
  • From IP to Market Analysis
  • Image guided therapies and navigation
  • Materials for medical devices: biocompatibility, functional surfaces
  • Nanomedicine supporting/replacing surgery
  • Bio-inspired Medical Devices
  • Technological and biotechnological innovations
  • New technologies for Neurosurgery
  • New technologies in heart valve surgery
  • Heart & organ engineering: from repair to regeneration